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#19 of 22: begun

Not his best album cover, in my opinion.

#19 of 22: 1/5

T. and I saw Jack Johnson and G. Love at the Hollywood Bowl with my little sister and her best friend. It was really excellent. Their music is so simple and laid-back, I was expecting a fairly calm and boring concert. Not so! The light show was impressive, many guest musicians performed, and we ate and drank and swayed and sang for hours.  My memories of the evening involve a tummy full of Trader Joe’s snacks and almond wine, bright colors flashing across the stage, and the goosebump-raising sounds of a very large Hawaiian woman with the most incredible voice I’ve ever heard.  Plus, G. Love sang “Cold Beverages,” which is a silly song that you should go listen to if you’ve never heard it. It will stick in your head for days and come to define beachy summer afternoons.



#10 of 22: i’m a big kid now


Why not use a woman in this illustration? Whatever. Soon I will be able to beat this guy up.

#10 of 22: completed 12.17.10

I have done a pull-up. My chin had been getting dangerously close to the bar for days without quite surpassing it. The first time I made it over, I held myself up while shouting, “My chin! My chin! B., come look, my chin is over the bar! Right? Is it? It is, right?!” B. walked over from across the gym, grinning at me, assuring me that my chin was indeed above the bar.

Then I did two more. Then, a few days later, I did 18 within 20 minutes as part of a Crossfit workout.


very merry

I've always wanted a "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree.

Apparently I only post on holidays.

I do intend to stop that trend, but so far those are the only slow, empty days I’ve been affording myself. Which shouldn’t be true.

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays. I’m not a Christmas person – I don’t feel particularly jolly during December, Christmas songs on the radio have been driving me crazy for weeks now, and seeing shops dressed up with lights and snowflakes just makes me feel manipulated by materialism.

But Christmas itself: lovely. In my family, it’s incredibly laid-back. My siblings and I make a fort in the living room and watch random snippets of TBS’s 48 hour “A Christmas Story” marathon, which usually add up to viewing the entire film. The morning consists of a leisurely breakfast with grandparents and gift-opening, followed by a day of food, naps, and playing with new toys.

As a general rule, I’d say that a holiday becomes my favorite when I wake up and go to bed in the same pair of sweats.

gobble gobble

I don't even want to know what's going on here.

I tend to internally rebel against the grandmother-catalyzed “say what you’re thankful for!” exercises, but this year I feel that some maturity (in the form of gratitude) is in order. Because really, my life is awesome. And choosing cynicism over beauty is too easy.

So, without further ado: I am thankful for…

  • B: because we just got engagement photos back and I am reminded that he is seriously hot. But also because he has been the best friend anyone could ask for through a year of huge transitions, crazy families, and major decisions. I am grateful for the team we’ve become.
  • our community: because I am regularly reminded of how much worse off we would be if it weren’t for our friends and mentors.
  • Trader Joe’s: because of mango mochi, dark chocolate raspberry sticks, and pre-cut squash – all under one roof.
  • my job: because I graduated in May with literally zero marketable skills in the midst of the economic crisis (dun, dun, dun!), but still get to spend every day with fantastic women doing good work that supports my newly-forming family.
  • space heaters: because it is effing cold in San Francisco right now and my toes are surviving nonetheless.

Off for a run by the lake to preemptively prevent any pie-induced guilt!

why, hello.

I'm Emily. This is my blog. Welcome.

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