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Weddings are always crazy. Ours, it feels, has taken a turn for the truly insane. At first, B.’s parents refused to attend or participate, claiming that the weather would keep them from the event (which is being held in Southern California) and told us to simply go to a courthouse instead. My aunt and mother began throwing me a shower with invitees who were not on the wedding guest list. My stepmother has taken it upon herself to invite a whole load of friends who I haven’t even heard of without informing anyone. And, just now, my mother emailed me (from her iPhone and riddled  with typos, no less) to inform me that she is not interested in coming dress-shopping and actually is uninterested in the planning or the day itself.

Vegas is looking good.


very merry

I've always wanted a "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree.

Apparently I only post on holidays.

I do intend to stop that trend, but so far those are the only slow, empty days I’ve been affording myself. Which shouldn’t be true.

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays. I’m not a Christmas person – I don’t feel particularly jolly during December, Christmas songs on the radio have been driving me crazy for weeks now, and seeing shops dressed up with lights and snowflakes just makes me feel manipulated by materialism.

But Christmas itself: lovely. In my family, it’s incredibly laid-back. My siblings and I make a fort in the living room and watch random snippets of TBS’s 48 hour “A Christmas Story” marathon, which usually add up to viewing the entire film. The morning consists of a leisurely breakfast with grandparents and gift-opening, followed by a day of food, naps, and playing with new toys.

As a general rule, I’d say that a holiday becomes my favorite when I wake up and go to bed in the same pair of sweats.

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