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#9 of 22: happy new year

ooh, shiny.

#9 of 22: Completed 12.31.10-1.1.11

The ninth item on my 22×22 list is to celebrate New Year’s Eve. I find that I always like the idea of New Year’s parties – sparkly clothes, bubbly drinks – but when the night itself comes around, we never have much going on. So, B. and I hosted our own party this year. We required that guests wear something that sparkles (though he did not, instead claiming his sparkle came in his eyes), we cooked lots of fancy appetizers and desserts, we popped bottle after bottle of champagne, we reminisced and looked ahead, we danced and played and talked and laughed beneath tacky 2011 decorations hanging from the ceiling, and we rung in the new year in the parking lot with toasts and poppers and party horns as music blasted through our apartment’s open window.

I’m not one for resolutions (surprised?), but it felt like an apt way to start a new year: doing what we want instead of wishing it would happen, creating the life we hope for instead of settling for normalcy. Happy 2011.


#10 of 22: i’m a big kid now


Why not use a woman in this illustration? Whatever. Soon I will be able to beat this guy up.

#10 of 22: completed 12.17.10

I have done a pull-up. My chin had been getting dangerously close to the bar for days without quite surpassing it. The first time I made it over, I held myself up while shouting, “My chin! My chin! B., come look, my chin is over the bar! Right? Is it? It is, right?!” B. walked over from across the gym, grinning at me, assuring me that my chin was indeed above the bar.

Then I did two more. Then, a few days later, I did 18 within 20 minutes as part of a Crossfit workout.


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