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#19 of 22: update

one of my very favorite high school albums. if only *this* had been the concert.

#19 of 22: 2/5.

B. and I, along with three best friends, saw Stars at the Wiltern in Hollywood. T. and I absolutely loved their first album when we were in high school but honestly hadn’t listened to much since then. Turns out they’ve gone downhill. But! They played all our favorites from that album, which was magical. There is really something divine about sitting in a smoky theatre with your favorite people in the world, eyes closed, singing and swaying to too-loud songs that define a whole period of your life. Ah, nostalgia.



#19 of 22: begun

Not his best album cover, in my opinion.

#19 of 22: 1/5

T. and I saw Jack Johnson and G. Love at the Hollywood Bowl with my little sister and her best friend. It was really excellent. Their music is so simple and laid-back, I was expecting a fairly calm and boring concert. Not so! The light show was impressive, many guest musicians performed, and we ate and drank and swayed and sang for hours.  My memories of the evening involve a tummy full of Trader Joe’s snacks and almond wine, bright colors flashing across the stage, and the goosebump-raising sounds of a very large Hawaiian woman with the most incredible voice I’ve ever heard.  Plus, G. Love sang “Cold Beverages,” which is a silly song that you should go listen to if you’ve never heard it. It will stick in your head for days and come to define beachy summer afternoons.


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